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Absolute Macht


Power seduces. The consummation of knowledge and violence enables the exercise of control, the imposition of order in that which is to be controlled. Power produces its beneficiaries, whom, through the staged enactment of potency, both exert it and are dependent on it. It grinds its personifications to piecs and reconfigures them at the limits of its stability.

Power is duplicitous - it exists only in relations between. Its promise is treacherous. That which it subjugates, it generates. Power creates rule only through the struggle for control. Those it raises up, it strikes down. Power IS, independent of its fleeting figurations in those who wield it and those who are subject to it.

Enea Cocco


Ira Blazejewska Musikerin


Voitstraße 1

80637 München

Copyright: Max-Laurids Lerner IG: @monacobavarese

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